The lunatic right-wing fringe was pinning their hopes on the pseudo-scientific models of a IT specialist named Dean Chambers who created Note to Mr. Chambers: the only bias I see is your bias for sweets and fried foods.) RIP UnSkewedPolls.

Reality was the real winner of last night’s election.  The rational fact-based models from established polling analysts were proved right; the Make-Believe pseudoscience of the Conservatives was once again proven wrong. The right’s highly touted soup du jour, which predicted a 49.4%-46.7%  popular vote win for Romney(311-227 electorally), proved woefully inaccurate. The phantom polling bias just wasn’t there. And the right’s favorite polling whipping boy Nate Silver at 50.8%-48.3% Obama, 313-225 EV! Nearly dead on!

But it’s not just the far-right loons stuck in this alternate reality. It was no surprise that Fox mouthpiece (and perpetual wrong-prognosticator) Dick Morris predicted a Romney landslide, but respected conservative intellectuals George Will and Michael Barone did as well. What the hell is happening to the Republican party?

How many times must the pundits on the right be wrong before the faithful followers begin to wake up and realize that they are being Repuli-CONNED?


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